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2019 ILRS Technical Workshop first circular released
13 May 2019

The first circular for the 2019 ILRS Technical Workshop has been released. The workshop will take place October 21-25 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Update to Real-time Data Caster stream names
16 April 2019

The CDDIS supports the International GNSS Service Real-Time Service (IGS RTS) and, in accordance with all data providers supporting the IGS RTS, the CDDIS will begin updating data and product streams, lengthening names from 5 to 10 characters, reflecting their RINEX V3 observation file name. For example, stream name ALBH0 will become ALBH00CAN0.

This new nomenclature will be adopted across all casters that participate within the IGS RTS, improving stream name uniqueness, consistency across caster sources, and providing useful information within the name. For example each stream name will contain the mount point name and numbers, the three-character country code, and a number to distinguish formats (RAW versus RTCM, etc.) offered by the same station (it is recommended 0 is used for the best RTCM version 3 format). Using ALBH00CAN0 as an example:

ALBH - monument or mount point name
0 - monument or marker number
0 - receiver number
CAN - the 3 character country code
0 - format-distinguishing number

The CDDIS will be updating stream names throughout this year (2019) and will continue to offer both long and short name stream versions, where available, until the end of this calendar year (December 31, 2019). Starting January 1, 2020 all real-time data and product streams offered at CDDIS will be 10 characters.

Streaming should not be affected and all changes should go unnoticed to end users. After the streams are modified, users should only notice the name of the stream has been updated from 5 to 10 characters. Please contact with questions.
Update to DORIS RINEX summary files
11 March 2019

On March 06, 2019, the CDDIS updated the DORIS RINEX summary files. Originally, the DORIS RINEX summary files contained only the header information. With this update, the summary files now include station-specific information similar to the multiday files: satellite, station, start datetime, end time, and the number of observations.

CDDIS Real-Time Infrastructure Down Time - Including Real-Time Caster
11 March 2019

On Tuesday, March 12, CDDIS will be upgrading its GNSS real-time infrastructure which includes the Ntrip Caster access. The systems will be down from 1400 – 1600 EDT, 1800 - 2000 UTC.

After the switch to the new system, the system will no longer restrict your access to your requested list of streams. You will be able to access any stream, up to the number of streams you previously requested (i.e., 1, 5, 25, or 50 streams).

Your access to the CDDIS caster will not change. You will continue to use your Earthdata username/password combination. If you need to change your password or forgot your userid or password please go to and follow the instructions.

After 1600 EDT, 2000 UTC, if you cannot access the caster, please send an email to and we will help you.!

Planning for the 2019 ILRS Technical Workshop has begun
12 February 2019

Planning for the 2019 ILRS Technical Workshop has begun! We ask that you mark your calendars and reserve the date for the next gathering of the ILRS community:

Dates: October 21-25, 2019
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

The workshop will be sponsored by the DLR in Stuttgart, Germany. The program committee is actively working on the defining the theme and session topics for the workshop while the local organizers are planning the workshop logistics.

The first circular for the workshop will be issued in the very near future.

We hope you will consider attending the workshop!

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