Contacting the CDDIS Team

You have several options to contact the CDDIS Team. These are listed below.

  1. Earthdata User Forum: If you have general questions that are science related, please go to the Earthdata User Forum. This forum is a community forum where questions posed are answered by other users, Subject Matter Experts, and User Support personnel. Your question may already have been answered.
  2. Feedback form: Completing and submitting this form creates a Help ticket in our ticketing system. CDDIS staff receive notification of every ticket submitted. This contact method can be used for technical questions such as problems with data access.
  3. Submitting questions to this email address is similar to using the Feedback Form; a ticket is created in our ticketing system and staff are notified.
  4. This email address is specifcally for users that need help with the CDDIS GNSS real-time data caster.