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International DORIS Service (IDS)

The CDDIS serves as a Global Data Center for the IDS, supporting the archive and distribution of data from the global DORIS beacon network and the IDS products derived from these data.


The primary objective of the IDS is to provide a service to support geodetic and geophysical research activities through DORIS data and derived products.


A proof of concept for the International DORIS Service (IDS) was conducted through a pilot phase prior to the establishment of the International DORIS Experiment in 1999 by the International Association of Geodesy (IAG). The IDS formally began on July1, 2003 after the IAG official approval at the IUGG General Assembly in Sapporo.

Data and Products

The IDS collects, archives and distributes DORIS observation data sets of sufficient accuracy to satisfy the objectives of a wide range of applications and experimentations. From these data sets the following products are derived:

  • Coordinates and velocities of the IDS tracking stations
  • Geocenter and scale of the Terrestrial Reference Frame
  • High accuracy ephemerides of the DORIS satellites
  • Earth orientation parameters (EOPs)

The accuracies of these products are sufficient to support current scientific objectives including:

  • Realization of global accessibility to and the improvement of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame ( ITRF)
  • Monitoring deformations of the solid Earth
  • Monitoring crustal deformation at tide gauges
  • Monitoring variations in the hydrosphere (sea level, ice-sheets, etc.)
  • Orbit determination for scientific satellites