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Improved and Upgraded Systems Session Summary

L. Combrinck and S. Schillak

Title of Paper Principal Author
The Performance of Changchun Satellite Laser Ranging Station (Poster) L. Chengzhi
Progress for Daylight Tracking in Changchun SLR System (Poster) Y. Zhao
New Drive and Servo-Control System of Kunming SLR Station (Poster) Z. Xiangming
San Fernando SLR Status and Future Objectives (Poster) J. Garate
San Fernando Baker-Nunn Camera Transformation (Poster) F.J. Montojo
Modernization of the Borowiec SLR System (Poster) S. Schillak
Laboratory Tests and Calibration on Chronometry for the French Transportable Laser Ranging Station (Poster) M. Pierron
The Performance and Observation of Mobile System TROS-1 In China (Poster) G. Tangyong
Indian Interest on SLR (Poster) Withdrawn K. Elango
The Mount Stromlo Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) System Local Tie Connections Before and After the 2003 Destructive Canberra Fires (Poster) J. Luck
SGF Herstmonceux: Current Status and Future Upgrades (Poster) P. Gibbs
Current Status of San Juan SLR Station in Argentina (Poster) T. Wang
Self-Mixing Optical Doppler Radial Velocity Measurements & Laser Link Budget: A Prospective Study (Poster) J.-L. Oneto
Status of the Russion Laser Tracking Network (Poster) V. Vasiliev
Status of the KACST SLR Program; Past, Present and Future (Poster) J. Guilfoyle

The session had many interesting posters indicating the progress of SLR systems towards better quality and quantity of measurements. The session can be divided into four major groups;

  1. quality upgrading,
  2. quantity upgrading,
  3. projects of new stations or significant station improvement and
  4. new activities.

Quality upgrading and performance:

  • Changchun (Y. Zhao) - new calibration, receiving system, timing system, servo system and encoder electronics, software; leading to significantly better precision, accuracy and quantity of results
  • FTLRS (M. Pierron) - tested and calibrated Stanford SR620 in laboratory with respect to "Dassault event timer" as a reference, resulting in better quality
  • TROS-1 (G. Tangyong) - activity in Beijing, Urumqi and   Lhasa, good quality and quantity of results
  • Borowiec (S. Schillak) - new electronics, better precision and accuracy

Quantity upgrading:

  • Changchun (Y. Zhao) - daylight tracking project, system stability improvement, laser stability improvement, mount model adoption, control system, daylight tracking soon
  • San Fernando (J. Garate) - project for daylight tracking and high satellite ranging, need to overcome problems, e.g. how to improve accurate control of the telescope horizontal movement
  • Kunming (Z. Xiangming) - system upgrades to enable low satellites tracking

Projects of new stations or significant station improvement:

  • new China station in San Juan (Argentina) (T. Wang) - first results, timetable
  • Herstmonceux (P. Gibbs) - event timer, kHz laser, absolute gravimeter
  • Russia (V. Vasiliev) - new SLR station network in Russia
  • Riyadh (J. Guilfoyle) - significantly better quantity and quality data

New activities:

  • local   tie in Mountt Stromlo (J. Luck) - before and after fire
  • optical Doppler (J.L. Oneto) - support for quality of SLR systems?
  • Baker Nunn camera for new astrometry tasks (F.J. Montojo)

To summarize, the session presented significant upgrading of five stations, projects concerning daylight and high altitude satellite tracking as well as the future plans for installation of a network of new stations in Russia and Argentina. Realization of these tasks is a good way toward millimeter accuracy and to efficiency improvements within the SLR network.


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