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Scientific Achievements, Applications, and Future Requirements Session Summaries

Session I: E. Pavlis and J. Garate

Title of Paper Principal Author
The Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) in its Initial Phase H. Drewes
A Multi Year SLR Solution H. Mueller
Processing 18.6 Years of Lageos Data J.-M. Lemoine
SLR Contributions in the Establishment of the Terrestrial Reference Frame E. Pavlis
Long Term Monitoring of Geophysical Parameters Using SLR V. Luceri
Determination of EOP from Combination of SLR and VLBI Data at the Observational Level N. Shuygina
  • The second half of the 1st session on Monday was dedicated to Scientific Achievements, Applications and Future Requirements (Part I)
  • We had 5 Oral presentations and 10 Posters, with only a couple of submitted papers not presented.
  • GGOS is our new "target" for future scientific achievements, as it outlines very clearly the role of LR within the gamut of Geodetic technologies
  • From the presentations of a number of ILRS Analysis and Combination Centers we heard the state of the art in terms of primary, and in some cases unique, products from LR.
  • SLR in particular, provide now routinely (weekly), TRF products with sub-cm accuracy, geocenter variations at mm-level, and temporal variations in the low degree/order terms of the gravitational field.
  • Contribution to combined gravity models
  • EOP are provided weekly for daily averages with an accuracy of ~250 µas for the Pole and ~60 µts for LOD.
  • The Poster contributions complemented the Oral session with a number of diverse topics:
    • the rich history of the ROA,
    • the status of various missions (e.g. ICESat)
    • revival and upgrade of old systems (B-N@ROA)
    • SLR positioning for mobile and fixed systems
    • SLR as a calibration tool for other techniques
    • seasonal environmental signals at LR sites
    • ...
  • The papers will be published in the proceedings, so please follow the instructions to be disseminated, and submit your contributions before the deadline.

Session II: B. Schutz and R. Biancale

Title of Paper Principal Author
Combination of Space Geodesy Techniques for Monitoring the Kinematics Of The Earth D. Coulot
Interannual and Annual Variations in the Geopotential Observed Using SLR C. Cox
Atmospheric Loading "Blue-Sky" Effects on SLR Station Coordinates T. Otsubo
FTLRS Support to the Gavdos Project: Tracking and Positioning P. Berio
Precision Orbit Determination of Low Altitude Lunar Spacecraft with Laser Systems D. Smith
Solar-System Dynamics and Tests of General Relativity with Planetary Laser Ranging J. Chandler
  • Promising Earth kinematics results by combining SLR, DORIS, GPS and VLBI. Work on the specific inclusion of VLBI and the weighting among the techniques is an on-going effort
  • Looking at low degree zonal harmonics of the Earth’s gravity field. Identifying inter-annual and annual variations and considering their correlations
  • Considering "blue-sky" and "starry" atmospheric loading effects and how SLR results might be affected, vis-s-vis the "other" techniques. Perhaps there is a 0.3 ppb effect
  • Using the FTLRS to support the GAVDOS project by determining altimeter biases, mean sea level and tectonic deformation from JASON-1 data
  • Proposing the Use of Earth-based laser ranging in conjunction with an orbiting altimeter for precision orbit determination and obtaining a much improved lunar gravity field, accurate even on the lunar far-side
  • Interplanetary ranging using optical transponders to investigate G-dot and the Shapiro time delay. These are not possible in an Earth environment

Poster Session

Title of Paper Principal Author
ROA: 250 years working in Astronomy and Geophysics (1753-2003) (Poster) F.J. Gonzalez
ESA EO Envisat and Cryosat Missions Status (Poster) P. Féménias
NASA ICESat Mission Status (Poster) B. Schutz
The PASAGE Project. Astrometric Positioning of Geostacionary Satellites (Poster) T.L. Moratalla
Determination of the Site Position at the SLR Tracking Station (7824) at San Fernando, Spain (Poster) I. Vigo-Aguiar
FTLRS Positioning for the EU/NASA Altimeter Calibration Project GAVDOS (Poster) E. Pavlis
Laser Ranging as a Precise Tool to Evaluate GNSS Orbital Solutions (Poster) G. Appleby
Seasonal effects on Laser, GPS and absolute Gravimetry vertical positioning at the OCA-CERGA geodetic station, Grasse (France) (Poster) J. Nicolas
Earth Orientation Parameters from Satellite Laser Ranging (Poster) E. Pavlis
Time Series of Satellite Laser Ranging Station Position (Poster) D. Coulot
The Laser Orbital Perturbation (Poster) M. El-Saftawy
Proposed International Institute for Space Geodesy and Earth Observation (Poster) L. Combrinck


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