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Lunar Laser Ranging Session Summary

P. Shelus and J.F. Mangin

Title of Paper Principal Author
MeO: The Future of the French Lunar Laser Ranging Station E. Samain
MeO Improvements for Lunokhod 1 Tracking J.M. Torre
Lunar Ranging from Mount Stromlo B. Greene
Lunar Laser Ranging Science J. Williams

Consolidated Laser Ranging Prediction Format: Implications for Lunar Laser Ranging

R. Ricklefs
The Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser Ranging Operation (APOLLO) T. Murphy
  • Assembling the LLR Pieces
Lunar Rover
LLR System
Earth and Moon
Astronaut on Moon
  • Obtaining LLR Data
    • Evolution of OCA into MEO on the Calern Plateau
      • Slightly less accuracy, more sensitivity, multi-target
    • High Energy, Low Accuracy LLR at Mt. Stromlo
      • A preamble to lower energy, better accuracy LLR data from the site
    • A new System (APOLLO) at Apache Point
      • A year (or less) to 1-mm LLR data
    • A Strategy for Recovering Lunakhod 1 at MEO
      • Can this solve a 30-year mystery?
    • LLR Predictions for Everyone
      • Even you can do LLR (with a good system and a bit of luck)
  • Using LLR Data
    • Cm-driven Celestial Mechanics in the Solar System
      • Orbits and Masses, Navigation to the Planets, Regressing of the Moon
    • Geophysics and Geodynamics
      • Earth Orientation, Precession, Reference Frames, ITRF
    • Gravitational Physics
      • Equivalence Principle, Variations of Gravity, Geodetic Precession
    • Selenosciences from Lunar Librations
      • Fluid Core & Tides, Core Oblateness, Core Moment of Inertia


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