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13th International Laser Ranging Workshop
"Toward Millimeter Accuracy"

Lunar Laser Ranging (P. Shelus and J.F. Mangin)
Session Summary

Title Primary Author
Recent contributions to LLR analysis Jean Chapront
The OCA LLR Station: An Update Jean-Francois Mangin
APOLLO: Multiplexed Lunar Laser Ranging Thomas Murphy
LLR Developments at Mount Stromlo: Towards Millimeter Accuracy Ben Greene

The lunar session at this year’s Laser Workshop consisted of three major themes: observation, analysis, and evolution. Observations continue at the MLRS in Texas and at OCA on the Cote d’Azur in France. Almost 35 years of continuous data has been accumulated. LLR observations continue at these two sites, with more observations expected soon from the MLRO in Italy. Major analysis centers exist at JPL in Pasadena and at the Paris Observatory in France. The major activity here is Solar System dynamics, the physics of the lunar interior, and unique insights into General Relativity and gravitational theory. At the present time, the existing lunar capable stations continue their efforts for increased precision and accuracy. Progress was reported on the construction of a new LLR-capable station at Apache Point in New Mexico and well as the possibility of lunar observation being made at Australia’s Mt. Stromlo station in the southern hemisphere. The lunar effort is pushing the envelope of technology, with more and better scientific research being the ultimate goal.


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