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13th International Laser Ranging Workshop
"Toward Millimeter Accuracy"

Laser Technology Development (K. Hamal and Howard Donovan, for Y. Gao)
Session Summary

Title Primary Author
Lasers for Multiwavelength Satellite Laser Ranging Karel Hamal
Kilohertz Laser Ranging at Graz Georg Kirchner
High-Power, Short-Pulse Microlaser - Power Amplifier System Yelena Isyanova
Mechanical measurement of laser pulse duration Jean-Louis Oneto

The session explored the implementation of new laser and laser related technologies for SLR activities. The use of multiwavelength and multikilohertz laser systems was discussed as well as innovative methods for measuring pulse duration.

Karel Hamal discussed the value of multiwavelength SLR for the purposes of improving atmospheric correction models. With this in mind, a Raman laser was engineered and tested at the Graz. Both single and multi PE return levels were recorded and analyzed. In addition, a Raman Stokes far field beam pattern was obtained and presented.

Georg Kirchner presented a paper on the newly developed kilohertz repetition rate Nd:YAG laser for the Graz. Operating at 1,000 Hertz and producing 0.5 millijoules of energy at 532 nanometers with a 10 picosecond pulse width, Georg described the improved performance of the Graz attributed to the new laser system. Increased data quantity, increased Normal Point accuracy, a more uniform return signal level and lower operational costs were the direct result

John Degnan gave a paper on the Phase III laser system being developed for the SLR2000, NASA’s fully autonomous satellite laser ranging system. The new laser system will eliminate the use of a water chiller, will develop higher energy levels and will have a shorter pulse width than the current Phase II unit. John also presented the opto-mechanical layout of the new Phase III laser system.

Jean-Louis Oneto offered a discussion on a technique to mechanically measure laser pulse duration. Exploring the uses of the streak camera and autocorrelator, Jean-Louis paid particular attention to the technique of interferometry. The Michelson, Sagnac and Mach-Zehnder interferometers were summarized with Jean-Louis presenting a modification to the Mach-Zehnder system. A prototype of the modified Mach-Zehnder Interferometer was presented.


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