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13th International Laser Ranging Workshop
"Toward Millimeter Accuracy"

Detectors and Optical Chain Components (G. Kirchner and L. Grunwaldt)
Session Summary

Title Primary Author
New Detection Package at Graz Georg Kirchner
The advantages of Avalanche Photodiode (APD) arrays in laser ranging applications Jana Strasburg
Characterization of a Microchannel Plate Photomultiplier Tube with a High Sensitivity GaAs Photocathode Paul Hink
Time walk compensation of a SPAD with linear photo detection Etienne Samain
SPAD Detector Package for Space Born Applications Ivan Prochazka
Testing of MCP PMTS: Use of Fiber Optic Coupled Gbps Laser Drivers to Create Ersatz Laser Return Pulses Tomas Cuff

The Graz Detection Package – working fine
Will get quite soon a new design.
We are not sure, if it will run;
Because alignment will be quite a fun….

Etienne Samain was clearly stating,
That he wants Time Walk compensating.
His idea is really nice and bright;
However: Needs a lot of light …

Jana Strasburg spent her time
For us and tried to say:
If SINGLE APD’s are fine:
How fine is an ARRAY ???

John Martin showed an MCP
With highest sensitivity;
All the specs were really nice:
Although: He did not state the price ….

To get “Ersatz” Returns, Tom Cuff
Used Laser Drivers, and such stuff …
“Ersatz” is German, but we heard:
It’s also used as English word !!!

We hope, the session was so, as expected ….
If not: Next time we will correct it !


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