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More Comments to Remember the Workshop By
(Captured by Mark Davis/HTSI)


  • Use the science data to manage the planet
  • Push the envelope of technology
  • There is no shortage of innovations
  • Demonstrate the utility in the measurements and then go off and do the end-to-end science
  • Leverage resources for the general good
  • Inspire the next generation of explorers
  • SLR is ubiquitous for space missions and applications

Lessons learned:

  • Young scientists should travel
  • Retirement is not an excuse to not attend the workshops

New definitions and phrases:

  • Delicate instrument = one that withstands 13G's
  • Spare light = non-green light
  • Orbiteer's
  • The predictions are often spot on!
  • Every shot’s a coconut!
  • Rarely relevant, but cool!

Just plain funny:

  • Today everything seems to be observable to some degree; just the error bars are a bit large
  • LAGEOS-2: the better resolver of most things geodetic
  • The universal constant value this week changed to...
  • It’s off the shelf, but they only build it upon request
  • Its really incredibly small if you believe the sqrt(n) law
  • The plotter elves changed the colors
  • We were punished by Van
  • Where do you go on R&R from Tahiti?
  • How do you treat all these photons at one time (from the moon)?
  • It's very expensive, but ours fell off the back of a truck
  • Why bother with finesse when brute force will do
  • By the light of the green splattered moon
  • Microwaves: they just aren't used much anymore
  • Do you have any questions on the equations you did not see?
  • We wanted performance under actual simulated satellite tracks
  • LAGEOS: 'plaguing' the earth for 8 million years
  • Use the free format lines "within the restrictions"
  • There is zero time allotted for this next paper
  • Yet another transportable system that requires many, many tons of concrete
  • Automation has a psychological effect
  • Start up the system and then go to sleep
  • Automation: close the dome - hopefully fast enough
  • Nobody wants to tell you how it works
  • I knew it, the nightmare will be over

You had to be there:

  • Bump and grind activities in west Texas
  • One of those famous evening meetings
  • Some dubious cases and obvious signatures
  • Do you have to wonder who the first question is going to be from?
  • We met the budget AND the performance goals
  • Without a PC, it’s just a piece of metal
  • Weed out the systematic errors
  • Go out searching for the gravity anomalies
  • Altimetry is useless without the orbit
  • Try to understand the goings-on on the inside of the moon
  • This should be duck soup
  • Thanks for all the GEODYN software problems
  • If you rely on the orbit you will never see the millimeters
  • Every line of sight you see should be measured
  • Shorter is always good
  • It's fairly decent for what we need
  • Parasites can eat up your laser quite quickly
  • Tell the operators to calm down
  • The individual crewmembers have independent habits
  • Don't sit there and wonder what your software is doing
  • Out of context - and not what we thought we would ever hear from an analyst
  • The one good thing about SLR is there is not much data
  • Luckily, all the stations are in the northern hemisphere


  • The ILRS CB is the "Complaint and Nagging Department"
  • Our primary function is to increase the bars on Van's charts
  • The sign of hope in France is green


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