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Third Circular

Thirteenth International Workshop on Laser Ranging

"Toward Millimeter Accuracy"

This is a reminder that deadlines are approaching for the Thirteenth International Workshop on Laser Ranging to be held in Washington D.C. during the week of October 07-11, 2002 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. The workshop is sponsored by NASA, the Smithsonian Institution and the ILRS.

Important Dates:

  • Pre-Registration and Abstract Deadlines: FRIDAY, AUGUST 23, 2002
  • Hotel Reservation Deadline: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2002

Visit the workshop website:

We remind participants that pre-registration is required and can be done through the on-line form available at the workshop website. Please note that a second, hardcopy form MUST be faxed to Kathy Regul at 301-345-4659 to complete the registration process. If you are a foreign national and plan to attend the GGAO tour to view SLR 2000 and other facilities (and we hope you will) you must also complete another form and fax this along with passport information. Details on this procedure can also be found on the workshop's registration page. We regret the extensive amount of paperwork, but these items are required in light of stricter security measures at U.S. government facilities.

We also encourage participants to make room reservations at the workshop venue, the Hyatt Regency, as soon as possible to ensure accomodations at the special rate ($150 single/$175 double plus tax) will be available; a limited number of rooms has been set aside for workshop attendees.

A breakout room has been arranged for splinter meetings during workshop breaks and evening time periods. Contact Carey Noll ( to schedule a meeting.

Local Organizing Committee:

  • John Degnan/NASA GSFC
  • Carey Noll/NASA GSFC
  • Michael Pearlman/SAO
  • Kathy Regul/Westover Consultants Inc.



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