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Second Circular

Thirteenth International Workshop on Laser Ranging

"Toward Millimeter Accuracy"

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Smithsonian Institution, and the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) are pleased to announce that the Thirteenth International Workshop on Laser Ranging will be held in Washington D.C. during the week of October 07-11, 2002 at the Hyatt Regency Washington Hotel on Capitol Hill. The workshop venue is located in the heart of the nation's capital, offering the visitor easy access to a variety of museums, monuments, restaurants, theaters, concert halls, and other recreational facilities.

Also scheduled during this week will be the Eighth General Assembly of the ILRS and meetings of the ILRS Governing Board and Working Groups. A trip to the Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory (GGAO) will be arranged to allow attendees to view NASA's prototype SLR2000 system.

Program Topics:

  • Overview of Space Geodesy Techniques
  • Scientific Achievements, Applications, and Future Requirements
  • Lunar Laser Ranging
  • Improved or Upgraded Systems - Poster Session
  • Station Performance Evaluation
  • Station Operational Issues
  • Target Design, Signatures, and Biases
  • Timing Devices
  • System Calibration
  • Atmospheric Correction and Multiwavelength Ranging
  • Detectors and Optical Chain Components
  • Laser Technology Development
  • Automation and Control Systems
  • Advanced Systems and Techniques
  • New Ranging Systems Applications

Program Committee:

  • Giuseppe Bianco, ASI, Matera Italy
  • John Degnan, NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD USA
  • Yang Fumin, Shanghai Observatory/Academia Sinica, Shanghai China
  • Ben Greene, EOS Pty. Ltd., Queanbeyan Australia
  • Werner Gurtner, Astronomical Institute, University of Bern, Bern Switzerland
  • Hiroo Kunimori, Communications Research Laboratory, Tokyo Japan
  • Michael Pearlman, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA USA
  • Ulrich Schreiber, Technical University of Munich, Wettzel Germany
  • Peter Shelus, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX USA
  • Suriya Tatevian, Russian Space Agency, Moscow Russia

Local Organizing Committee:

  • John Degnan/NASA GSFC
  • Carey Noll/NASA GSFC
  • Michael Pearlman/CfA
  • Kathy Regul/Westover Consultants Inc.

Important Dates:

  • Pre-Registration and Abstract Deadlines: FRIDAY, AUGUST 23, 2002
  • Hotel Reservation Deadline: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2002

Visit the workshop website:

An 11"x17" flyer (PDF, GIF, JPEG formats) of the second circular (suitable for display!) can be downloaded. Warning! The PDF version of this flyer file is 6.1 Mbytes in size. An 11"x17" poster (PDF, GIF, JPEG formats) is also available. Warning! The PDF version of the poster file is 3 Mbytes in size.


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