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Annapolis, MD
November 2-5, 1998

Here's what some of the attendees have said:

"...I thought it was a great success" Mike Jackson, Trimble

"...I appreciated such a well-organised meeting" Roger Wood, NERC Satellite Laser Ranger Facility

"....it was a total success", "... a wonderful experiece for all who attended" Ruth Neilan, Director, IGS Central Bureau

"The IGS workshop was very successful, according to unanimous feedback." Jim Ray, USNO

"...impressive 'ancient' America surroundings" Jan Kouba, NRCan

Nearly 100 IGS colleagues gathered November 2 - 5 to attend a workshop dedicated to the infrastructure of our collaborative international organization. The IGS has been an operational service for nearly five years, providing GPS data and products from a globally distributed network of high precision GPS receivers to our internal users, especially the Analysis Centers, as well as to numerous external users. Since the inception of the IGS, we have not sponsored a workshop of this type, focusing on the network issues and how future planning of the IGS affect and are critically dependent on the foundation of the network. This workshop provided a great opportunity for people working within the various components of the IGS to meet and discuss current configurations, problems and resolutions. A good deal of time was devoted to understanding the many future requirements and how to begin incorporating these into our existing infrastructure.

This web site was initially established to provide planning information to workshop partipants. This archive site is still available. The site has been expanded to include a workshop summary, recommendations, and photos taken throughout the week.

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