DOSE Investigations

Below is the list of investigations selected as NASA's Geodynamics Program's portion of the "Dynamics of the Solid Earth" Investigators Working Group. This effort is being let by Dr. Bruce Bills of the GSFC and Dr. Paul Lundgren of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who will serve as the Center Scientists. The listed Investigations were selected from over 160 submissions and were selected on the basis of the scientific peer review and programmatic considerations. The final selections were difficult because of the large number of excellent proposals which were submitted. These investigations promise scientific and technological advances which will further our understanding of the global pattern of plate motions and the regional deformations which occur along the plate boundaries and the response of the Earth to loading and unloading phenomena. In addition, these investigations will improve the precision and accuracy of space geodetic techniques while working toward the establishment of the geodetic portion of the Fiducial Laboratories for a Natural Science Network (FLINN). We would like to thank all of those who have shown an interest in this program, especially those who offered their time and expertise to help complete the scientific review of the proposals.

Group 1: Models of Deformation

  • PI: John B. Rundle (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories)
    "The Role of Fault Segmentation in Earthquake Dynamics, with Application to Strike Slip Faults in California"
  • PI: Kevin P. Furlong (Pennsylvania State University)
    CoI: Wayne Thatcher (USGS)
    "Three-Dimensional Structure and Deformation of Trans- form Plate Boundaries: Geodetic and Modeling Constraints"
  • PI: Thomas H. Jordan (MIT)
    "Strategies for Space-Geodetic Monitoring of Infra- seismic and Subseismic Transient Deformations"
  • PI: Sean C. Solomon (MIT)
    "Lithospheric Dynamics near Plate Boundaries"
  • PI: Eugene D. Humphreys (University of Oregon)
    "Kinematic and Dynamics Modeling of Western North America Tectonic Activity"

Group 2: Baja to the Basin and Range Campaigns

  • PI: Wayne Thatcher (USGS)
    CoI: Ross Stein (USGS)
    "Distribution of Present-Day Deformation across the Basin and Range Province"
  • PI: Yehuda Bock (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
    CoI: David Jackson (UCLA), Thomas Herring, Bradford Hager, Thomas Jordan, Robert King (MIT), Duncan Agnew, J. Bernard Minster, Frank Wyatt (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Kerry Sieh (California Institute of Technology)
    "Permanent GPS Geodetic Array in Southern California"
  • PI: Timothy H. Dixon (University of Miami)
    CoI: Eugene Humphreys, Meghan Miller (University of Oregon), Gordon Ness (Seafloor Surveys International), F. Suarez Vidal (Baja California Norte)
    "Present Day Kinematics and Evolution of Trans-Peninsular Slip in Northern Baja California"
  • PI: Kenneth J. Hurst (JPL)
    CoI: Michael Lisowski (USGS), Geoffrey Blewitt (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
    "Spatially Dense Rapid Static GPS Surveys to Capture Pre-, Co-, and Post-Seismic Crustal Deformation in Parkfield, CA"

Group 3: Volcano Monitoring

  • PI: Timothy H. Dixon (University of Miami)
    CoI: Ross Stein, Grant Marshall (USGS), Frank Webb (JPL), Marcus Bursik (State University of New York)
    "Volcano Monitoring for Eruption Prediction and Forecasting Using the Global Positioning System"

Group 4: Regional Campaigns Eastern Hemisphere

  • PI: Anny Cazenave (CNES)
    CoI: R. Biancale, S. Houry, A. Souriau, C. Boucher, A. Vigney, J. Ruegg (CNES)
    "Global and Regional (Afar Area) Tectonics"
  • PI: Peter Molnar (MIT)
    CoI: Bradford Hager (MIT)
    "GPS Survey of the Western Tien Shan Proposal"
  • PI: Michael W. Hamburger (Indiana University)
    CoI: Robert Reilinger (MIT), Mikahil Prilepin (Soviet Geophysical Committee), Yurii Trapeznikov (Russian Academy of Sciences)
    "Application of GPS Measurements to Continental Collision in the Pamir-Tien Shan Region, Soviet Central Asia"
  • PI: Richard I. Walcott (Victoria University of Wellington)
    CoI: Charles Meertens (UNAVCO), Chris Scholz (Lamont-Doherty), J. Hannah (University of Otago), D. Darby (Department of Survey and Land Information), P. Koons (DSIR Geology and Geophysics)
    "Kinematics of the New Zealand Plate Boundary: Relative Motion by GPS Across Networks of 1000km and 50km Spacing"
  • PI: Hans Kahle (ETH Zurich)
    CoI: Susanna Zerbini (University of Bologna), Hermann Drewes (DGFI), Georg Veis (NTU Athens)
    "Crustal Deformation and Geodynamic Processes in the Alpine System and the Central Mediterranean Sea from Satellite Radiowave Tracking Techniques"

Group 5: Regional Experiments Western Hemisphere

  • PI: James C. Savage (USGS)
    CoI: William Prescott, Michael Lisowski (USGS)
    "Deformation at Subduction and Collision Zones"
  • PI: Michael Bevis (North Carolina State University)
    CoI: Byron Isacks, E. Fielding, Muawia Barazangi (Cornell University), Thomas Herring, Robert King (MIT), Bob Schutz (University of Texas at Austin), R. Smalley (Memphis State University)
    "The Central Andes GPS Project: Geodetic Studies of the Earthquake Deformation Cycle and Neotectonic Processes at an Active Continental Margin"
  • PI: John Beavan (Lamont-Doherty)
    "Deformation in Alaska: (1) Analysis of GPS Reoccupation of Alaskan VLBI Sites; (2) Subduction, Segmentation, and Earthquake Potential South of the Alaskan Peninsula"
  • PI: Seth Stein (Northwestern University)
    CoI: Timothy Dixon (University of Miami), Matthew Golombek (JPL), Richard Gordon (Northwestern University), Selwyn Sacks (Carnegie Institution of Washington), plus twelve others (France, Germany, Argentina, Chile)
    "GPS Geodetic Monitoring of South American-Nazca Convergence
  • PI: Jeanne M. Sauber (GSFC)
    CoI: Steven Cohen, Thomas Clark, Steven Nerem (GSFC)
    "The Subduction Zone Process in Alaska"

Group 6: Global Plate Tectonics Analyses

  • PI: Richard G. Gordan (Northwestern University)
    CoI: Seth Stein (Northwestern University)
    "Plate Motion, Regional Deformation, and Time-Variation of Plate Motion Studies Integrating Plate Motion Data with Space Geodetic Data"
  • PI: Christopher Harrison (University of Miami)
    CoI: Stefano Robaudo (University of Miami)
    "Integration of SLR and VLBI Data to Obtain Very Accurate Horizontal and Vertical Motions"
  • PI: Donald F. Argus (JPL)
    CoI: Gregory Lyzenga (JPL)
    "Kinematic Models Combining Measurements from VLBI, GPS, and Trilateration and Constraints from Plate Models"
  • PI: Paul R. Lundgren (JPL)
    "Modeling of Convergent Plate Margin Deformation: Joint Inversion of Geologic and Space Geodetic Data"

Group 7: Earth Dunamics/Loading Phenomena

  • PI: Bradford H. Hager (MIT)
    "Crustal Deformation from Surface and Internal Loads"
  • PI: W. Jason Morgan (Princeton University)
    CoI: T. James, F. Dahlen (Princeton University)
    "Theoretical Studies of Crustal Deformation Due to Glacial, Tidal, and Atmospheric Loads"
  • PI: James L. Davis (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
    CoI: Irwin Shapiro (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), Bernt Ronnang (Onsala Space University)
    "Measurement and Interpolation of Crustal Deformation Rates Associated with Postglacial Rebound"
  • PI: Bruce G. Bills (GSFC)
    CoI: Steven Cohen, Jack Bufton, Thomas Clark, Chopo Ma, Erricos Pavlis, Walter Kiefer (GSFC), Donald Currey (University of Utah)
    "Intraplate Kinematics and Dynamics: Postglacial Rebound and Plate Deformation"
  • PI: Patrick Vincent (CNES)
    CoI: Nine Others (CNES)
    "Sea-Level Variations: Constraints form Satellite Geodesy and Altimetry"

Group 8: Improvements or Techniques

  • PI: Toshio Fukushima (National Astronomical Observatory)
    "Unified Introduction of General Relativistic Effects into GEODYN II: Implementation and Application"
  • PI: David M. Tralli (JPL)
    "Short-Period Trophospheric Path Delay Errors in Continuous Global Positioning System Measurements"
  • PI: Bob E. Schutz (University of Texas at Austin)
    CoI: P.A.M. Abusali (University of Texas at Austin)
    "Toward 10(9) GPS Geodesy: Vector Baselines, Earth Rotation and Reference Frames"
  • PI: Kristine Larson (University of Colorado)
    "Application of GPS to Crustal Deformation Studies in California"
  • PI: Jean-Bernard Minster (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
    "Space Geodetic Detectors of Tectonic Signals"
  • PI: Alan E. E. Rogers (Haystack Observatory)
    CoI: Brian Corey, Arthur Niell (Haystack Observatory), Alan Whitney (MIT)
    "Studies of Error Sources in Geodetic VLBI"
  • PI: Thomas A. Clark (GSFC)
    CoI: Daniel MacMillan, M. England (GSFC)
    "Improvements to the Modeling of Tropospherie Propagation Delay in VLBI Data"
  • PI: James G. Williams (JPL)
    "Theory of Geodetic Transformations"
  • PI: Geoffrey Blewitt (University of Newcastle Upon Tyne)
    CoI: James Davis (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), Arthur Niell (Haystack Observatory)
    "A Collocated, Concurrent GPS and VLBI Experiment to Improve Vertical Accuracy"
  • PI: Thomas Clark (GSFC)
    "A Permanent Network of Geodetic Fiducial Stations for North American Geodynamics Studies"

Group 9: Sea Floor Geodesy

  • PI: Fred N. Spiess (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
    CoI: Yehuda Bock (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), J. Hildebrand (UCSD)
    "Program for Continued Development and Use of Ocean Acoustic/GPS Geodetic Techniques"

Group 10: Flinn Sites

  • PI: Koichi Yokoyama (National Astronomica Observatory)
    CoI: Nine others (National Astronomica Observatory)
    "Earth Rotation and Reference Fram Studies Based on VLBI Observations"
  • PI: Clark R. Wilson (University of Texas at Austin)
    CoI: Bob Schutz, Peter Shelus, Jerry Wiant, Roberto Gutierrez (University of Texas at Austin)
    "Establishment of a FLINN Site in West Texas"
  • PI: Duncan Agnew (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
    CoI: Frank Wyatt (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
    "A FLINN Station at Pinyon Flat Observatory"
  • PI: Byron D. Tapley (University of Texas at Austin)
    CoI: P.A.M. Abusali, C.K. Shum, Clark Wilson (University of Texas at Austin), Xian Lai, Ye Shuhua (Shanghai Observatory)
    "Study of Crustal Deformation in the Indian-Eurasian Collision Zone"
  • PI: Dennis D. McCarthy (USNO)
    CoI: Brent Archinal, Thomas Eubanks, B. Luzum (USNO)
    "Study of the Use of Laser Ranging and VLBI Data in the Routine Rapid Determination and Prediciton of Earth Orientation Parameters"
  • PI: Arthur E. Niell (Haystack Observatory)
    CoI: Alan Rogers (Haystack Observatory), Alan Whitney (MIT)
    "Haystack Observatory: A FLINN Site"
  • PI: Masaaki Murata (National Aerospace Laboratory)
    CoI: K. Matsushima, T. Tsujii, T. Shiho (National Aerospace Laboratory)
    "High-Time Resolution Monitoring of the Earth Rotation and Lithosphere Dynamics by Clustered Satellites Orbit Analysis"
  • PI: Ye Shuhua (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)
    CoI: Fifteen Others (Shanghai, Unnan, Urumqi National Observatories, Changchun Artificial Satellite SStation)
    "Contribution of Chinese Astro-Geodynamics Group to Dynamic-
    of the Solid Earth"
  • PI: Yoshio Kubo (MSA)
    "Clarification of Three Dimensional Crustal Movements in the Northwest Pacific Region"
  • PI: Peter Wilson (GFZ)
    CoI: Many other cooperating countries
    "Geodetic Applications for the Global and Regional Study of the Dynamics of the Solid Earth"
  • PI: Christian Veillet (CERGA)
    CoI: E. Bois, J.F. Mangin, J. Pham-Van (CERGA)
    "Dynamics of the Earth-Moon System Through LLR"
  • PI: Martine Feissel (Observatoire de Paris)
    CoI: P. Charlot, D. Gambis, A-M. Gontier (Observatoire de Paris), Zuheir Altamini, Claude Boucher (GRGS-IGN)
    "Investigation of the Earth's Rotation Irregularities and Monitoring of the Related Reference Frames"
  • PI: Claude Boucher (GRGS-IGN)
    CoI: Zuheir Altamini, Pascal Willis (GRGS-IGN), Loic Boloh, Anny Cazenave, Michel Lefebvre (CNES), Francois Barlier, Francis Pierron, Christian Veillet (CERGA)
    "Contribution to FLINN"
  • PI: Nakahori Yoshiro (Geographical Survey Institute)
    CoI: S. Matsuzaka, Y. Kuroishi, H. Tsjui, M. Tobita (Geographical Survey Institute)
    "Sea Level Monitoring in Japan"