On 31 October 2020, anonymous ftp access will officially be discontinued at CDDIS. Beginning October 1, 2020, CDDIS will bandwidth limit ALL IPs using anonymous ftp to just 50KB/s and will limit simultaneous downloads to only 3 per IP address. CDDIS is STRONGLY recommending all users begin to transition to using alternate method of access to the CDDIS archive. Examples of alternate methods can be found at: https://cddis.nasa.gov/Data_and_Derived_Products/CDDIS_Archive_Access.html.

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News in 2006

The purpose of this page of the CDDIS web site is to post new items, activities, data sets, etc. of interest to the CDDIS user community. Users should also consult the list of upcoming meetings of interest to the space geodesy community.

Site Metadata Information (03-Apr-2006)

As part of its data archiving function, the CDDIS extracts metadata from all incoming GNSS, laser ranging, VLBI and DORIS data. Examples of metadata extracted from incoming data include spatial and temporal information, instrument type (GNSS, SLR, VLBI, DORIS), target (e.g., SLR and DORIS satellite), monument location (geographic, coordinates), station IDs (DOMES, station numbers, service-specific codes), occupation type (fixed vs. mobile). Automated queries to these CDDIS metadata have been created to bring this information together. The reports can be accessed through the INDIGO Web site.

New CDDIS Brochure Available (22-Jan-2006)

A new brochure describing the CDDIS has recently been printed. A PDF (9 Mbytes) of the brochure is available for download. Anyone interested in receiving a hardcopy of the brochure should send a request to Carey Noll.