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News in 2004

The purpose of this page of the CDDIS web site is to post new items, activities, data sets, etc. of interest to the CDDIS user community. Users should also consult the list of upcoming meetings of interest to the space geodesy community.

14th International Workshop on Laser Ranging Proceedings Website (16-Aug-2004)

A new website to support the proceedings from the 14th International Workshop on Laser Ranging, held in San Fernando June 7-11, 2004, has been developed and is now available. The website currently provides access to presentations given in June and will be updated as papers are received. Session summaries are also available through this website.

GP-B Launched (21-Apr-2004)

Gravity Probe-B (GP-B) was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on April 20 at 9:57:24 AM PDT. More information about this mission can be found at the Stanford website http://einstein.stanford.edu/.

2002 ILRS Annual Report Available On-Line (01-Apr-2004)

he 2002 ILRS Annual Report is now complete. Hardcopy versions will be mailed to the ILRS community in the next few weeks. The on-line version can be viewed through the ILRS website (http://ilrs.gsfc.nasa.gov/reports/ilrs_reports/ilrsar_2002.html)

GPS Data from New Easter Island, Chile Site Now Available at CDDIS (30-Mar-2004)

UNAVCO announced that a new JPL/NASA receiver was installed on Easter Island in March 2004. The site name is ISPA. GPS data (daily and hourly 30-second and sub-hourly 1-second) are now available from the CDDIS.

GPS Data from Torino, Italy Now Available at CDDIS (27-Jan-2004)

The Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale (IEN) "Galileo Ferraris" in Torino, Italy has recently installed a GPS receiver and is contributing these data to the IGS. The monument name for the receiver is IENG; the data are now available at the CDDIS.

Proceedings from the 13th International Workshop on Laser Ranging (01-Jan-2004)

The proceedings from the Thirteenth International Workshop on Laser Ranging have been published and mailed to the workshop participants. The papers from the science session of the workshop were published in hardcopy form; the remaining papers, presentations, and posters have been published on a CD-ROM included with this document. The proceedings were published as a NASA Conference Publication. References to any of the papers in this publication should be cited as:

Author, Title, in Proceedings From the Science Session and Full Proceedings CD-ROM, edited by Ron Noomen, Steven Klosko, Carey Noll, and Michael Pearlman, NASA/CP-2003-212248, 2003.

More information about the workshop and the proceedings document can be found on the official website for the workshop: http://cddis.gsfc.nasa.gov/lw13/.