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News in 2003

The purpose of this page of the CDDIS web site is to post new items, activities, data sets, etc. of interest to the CDDIS user community. Users should also consult the list of upcoming meetings of interest to the space geodesy community.

GPS Data from Svetloe Now Available at CDDIS (09-Dec-2003)

A GPS receiver has recently been installed in Svetloe, Russia. The data are now available at the CDDIS. The monument name is SVTL. More information about this site can be found in the IGSMail/4749.

New IGS Troposphere Products (28-Jan-2003)

As detailed in IGSMail/4084, a new ultra-rapid tropospheric product has been developed by the Troposphere Working Group. This product is a combination of submissions from seven Analysis Centers (ACs). Each product contains the Zenith Path Delay (ZPD) values for the last 12 hours and has a sampling rate of 1 hour. The product submissions of the ACs have a delay from 0 to 2.5 hours, in average 1.5 hours. These product files are available from the CDDIS at