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News in 1996

The purpose of this page of the CDDIS web site is to post new items, activities, data sets, etc. of interest to the CDDIS user community. Users should also consult the list of upcoming meetings of interest to the space geodesy community.

New CDDIS Web Site is Operational (10-Dec-96)

A new CDDIS web sites has been designed and implemented. This new web site uses frames to provide for easier navigation; a version for browsers that do not support frames is also available. Other new features include descriptions of space geodetic techniques and data sets, updated information about supported data sets, and access to selected on-line data sets (for authorized users).

Contact Carey Noll if you have any questions about or suggestions for the new web site.

New EGM96 Web Page (20-Nov-96)

Frank Lemoine (NASA GSFC) has recently implemented a set of web pages to describe the NASA and NIMA joint geopotential model, EGM96. EGM96 is a spherical harmonic model of the Earth's gravitational potential complete to degree and order 360. The model coefficients, and other products are now available via HTTPS on cddis.nasa.gov, in the directory ANON_DIR:[EGM96].