After February 16, 2023, the long name GNSS products archived at the CDDIS will follow the Guidelines for Long Product Filenames in the IGS version 2.0. These guidelines are available at For more information, please see IGSMail message 8309 sent February 3, 2023.

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Real-time products

The CDDIS provides access to products generated from real-time data streams in support of the IGS Real-Time Service. Two types of products are archived, igt and igc.

The igt solution is a batch combination based on daily clock and sp3 submissions by IGS real-time analysis center. These clock products have been provided since February 2009, shortly after real-time streams were routinely available through the IGS Real-Time Pilot Project and prior to the availability of real-time product streams.

The igc solution is one of the RTS solutions generated by decoding the real-time product streams. The igc files are derived from the IGC01 solution, which uses the real-time data streams that are referred to the satellite center-of-mass (CoM).

  • orbit files (igcWWWWD.sp3.Z) contain the decoded orbit and clock results from the IGC01 real time stream at 30 second intervals
  • clock solution files (igcWWWWD.clk.Z) consist of decoded clock results from the IGC01 real time stream at 30 second intervals
  • solution summary files (ritWWWWD.sum.Z) consist of orbit and clock comparisons of all the AC and combination streams against IGS rapid solution

The CDDIS also provides real-time streaming corrections through its real-time caster. A description of these solutions is available from the IGS RTS website product page.

The starting directory for these files is:

Append the following file names to the starting directory:


as described in the table below.

Code Meaning
SSSsolution type (igc, igt, or rit=comparison summary)
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Orbit and Clock Comparison Summary for the IGS AC and Combination Real-Time Products with the IGS Rapid Products from NASA CDDIS
    doi: 10.5067/GNSS/GNSS_IGSRTCSUM_001
Dday of week (0-6, 7 indicates weekly)
TYP type of solution (clk=clock correction, sp3=orbit, or sum=solution summary)
.Z Unix compressed file