DORIS quaternion files

Satellite quaternion files used to represent the satellite's attitude are available for selected satellites equipped with DORIS receivers:

  • Jason-1
  • Jason-2
  • Jason-3 (future)
  • Saral

Two files are provided on a daily basis, one for the satellite bus and one for the solar panels.

The starting directory for these files is:

Append the following directory and file names to the starting directory:



as described in the table below.

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Code Meaning
sss 3-character satellite code
qbody or qsolpfixed part (qbody for body quaternions, qsolp (if any) for solar panel quaternions)
YYYYdate: year of first data
MM date: month of the first data
DD date: day in the month of first data
HH time: hour of the first data
MM time: minute of the first data
SS time: second of the first data
yyyy date: year of last data
mm date: month of the last data
dd date: day in the month of last data
hh time: hour of the last data
mn time: minute of the last data
ss time: second of the last data
LLL version number (starting with 001 for the initial version)

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